I am happy to welcome you at my website (and that you found it!). You want to visit my home city and want to know more about this wonderful place? You found the right person!

My name is Constanze Haselbauer. About 40 years ago, I moved to East Berlin for studying at the Humboldt University. I stayed, and had the unique chance to experience several social systems, to watch the political development, and to note the overwhelming changes within my home town during the last decades.

I offer various tours to show the history, the present, and the future of this gorgeous metropolis to Berlin visitors - of course, I present my personal view, affected by my personal experience. Some people even mean that I have a grim sense of humor... Oh no, I only want to entertain you as best as possible. As a typical "Berliner" (an inhabitant of Berlin, not a jelly donut!), I am always nagging about everything - but I could not imagine to live at another place!

If you have special interests which are not met by the offers on this website - do not hesitate to ask for more. This site can give you a short overview only, of the most wanted topics. But I like challenges! And I hope I could tease you to discover Berlin, together with me.

I hope to see you soon

Constanze Haselbauer